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Mr Renshaw’s Blog

CROSS COUNTRY CHAMPIONS! – Mr Eagleton reported that TVPS achieved an outstanding result at the District Cross Country at Ruffey Lake Park last Thursday! TVPS came FIRST for the 7th year in a row! All of our runners performed magnificently – we had [21] in the top 10 making it through to Division finals – June 12th at Yarra Glen Racecourse. Congratulations to the following students;


Name Grade Age Gender Position
Jake B 4V 9/10 Boys 2
Caitlin T 4C 9/10 Girls 1
Phoebe H 4V 9/10 Girls 2
Lexie G 4V 9/10 Girls 3
Hayley J 4C 9/10 Girls 4
Lily A 3M 9/10 Girls 5
Mavis McH 4PS 9/10 Girls 6
Celina U 5B 9/10 Girls 9
Mikael E-A 5S 11 Boys 1
Luke W 5S 11 Boys 3
Evan S 5S 11 Boys 4
Luke M 5B 11 Boys 5
Xavier F 5B 11 Boys 8
Rachel W 5B 11 Girls 1
Will R 6B 12/13 Boys 2
Tyson P 6F 12/13 Boys 5
James B 6L 12/13 Boys 10
Livinia A 6B 12/13 Girls 1
Charlie C 6B 12/13 Girls 6
Maria K 6B 12/13 Girls 8
Mia K 6B 12/13 Girls 10


Thank-you to all parents for getting students to the morning trainings and coming to Ruffey Lake Park to cheer our team on. Special thanks and congratulations to Mr Eagleton for organizing the morning training sessions and to the teachers who helped supervise!


Miss McCormack and the Grade 5&6 students – Amelie H, Sasha P, Miller T-V [6F], Ella B [6B], Emma J [5B] and Ruby T [5S] – have been visiting Kindergartens and Child Care centres to conduct Performing Arts sessions [music, dance and drama]. The following e-mails from Pre-schools were received by Miss Bombardiere, the Foundation Transition Coordinator;

“Thank you so much for coming down to Yarraleen Preschool to conduct music and drama session with the Rainbow Group. The children thoroughly enjoyed the session. We could see that music and drama brought the best in them. You were very friendly yet concise in delivering each of the instructions. The girls were such a great help, too. Their loud singing inspired all of the children to use their best singing voice, even the most shy child attempted to sing along. The session’s timing was really perfect, as it was not too short or too long for the children. Everyone stayed engaged and had fun participating. We even had feedbacks from parents that some of them kept on singing “My Dad Has Electric Guitar” song at home. We are really looking forward to have you again next time. Once again, thank you for showing the children how much fun music and drama are.

  • Warm regards, Eufratia Rainbow Group ECT Yarraleen Preschool”

“Today Bulleen Pre-School was very fortunate to have a visit from Miss McCormack and students Ruby, Ella and Miller from Templestowe Valley Primary School. They presented “Broadway Boogie” – a performing arts session, which included music, drama and dance.

The children enjoyed having the opportunity to play different instruments such as the maracas, tambourines, drums and rhythm sticks. They enjoyed listening to “La Cucaracha” and “Let’s All Clap Along,” responding to the music as they played their instruments with enthusiasm.

  • Sally Dite, Bulleen Pre-school”


Thirteen Grade 5&6 students attended Somers Camp over the last fortnight, for [9] days, along with Mr Eagleton [Physical Education & Sport].

6B – Stavros A    6F – Tilly H, Jarrod L, Miller T-V   6L – Heidi D, Adam H

5B – Lucy A, Xavier F, Lucas T, Jack W     5S – Lucy R, Leslie T, Harry W

Somers camp, owned and operated by DET, is renowned for being the best student camp in Victoria. It boasts a host of exciting outdoor activities including surfing, orienteering, climbing wall, mountain bike riding, archery, a giant swing and flying fox. As well, there is an environmental centre, which houses an array of live animals including reptiles – the students got to handle them, under teacher supervision! The students and teachers found the camp a valuable educational and social experience!




Melinda Minuzzo and the Parents & Friends Committee are to be congratulated for the wonderful Mothers’ Day Stall that they ran in the Multi-purpose Hall last week. The variety of personal & household items on sale included photo frames, dinner planners, magnetic notepads, scented candles, key rings, sewing kits, key rings and de-stress colouring books! I am sure that the gifts delighted every Mum who received them last Sunday! Special thanks to Melinda and all the helpers for a very thoughtful service for the students! I hope that all the TVPS Mothers had a very enjoyable Mothers’ Day last Sunday!

STEM TEACHER VISITA delegation of Principals, Assistant Principals and Science teachers from the Manningham and Monash Network visited TVPS last Thursday. Their primary objective was to observe the students engaging in STEM activities. The visitors commenced their tour by observing Mrs Bevacqua’s Grade 5 Science class, where the students were studying pressure using balloons and bicarbonate soda. This was followed by a visit to the Grade 2 ‘Makerspace’ working area where Mrs Vasiliadis, the F-2 Science Coordinator, explained the challenge the students had to solve with getting a ball into a plastic cup. Miss McPherson then directed the group to the Grade 3&4 collaborative working area where STEM rotation activities including coding, 3-D printing, Bloxells, cooking and environmental garden were taking place. The visitors were highly impressed with the work the students were doing which prompted an email;

“Many thanks for your time and generosity in hosting our FISO session last week.  It was lovely to hear, see and taste (the sausage rolls were delicious) the wonderful work that you and your team are doing at Templestowe Valley PS.

It is always encouraging to see high levels of engagement, real and tangible learning and a variety of so many wonderful and varied learning outcomes on display.  The students were lovely to talk to (as always) and the vibe in the learning spaces was exciting.  I think that you are doing great things and wanted you to know” – Mr Travis Paterson, Assistant Principal Surrey Hills PS.


The second working bee for the year was conducted last Saturday. There was a lot of weeding, raking of sand pits, sweeping and spout clearing that was carried out. In addition, there were [3] long bench seats installed under the outdoor gymnasium canopy – thank-you to Chris Johnson [Convenor], Chris Avramopoulos, Chris Delianis and Chris Bodycoat [the Four Chris’s]. Special thanks to all the families that attended and to Audrey Lynikas [refreshments & barbecue food] and Ross Peters [job list]!


The Open Day and Night will be taking place next Wednesday May 23rd starting at 9am, during Education Week. There will be an array of highlights to point out to our visitors, especially the outstanding teaching & learning in the classrooms! The annual visit of Farmer Will and his domesticated animals will delight once again [the guinea pigs, lambs and ducklings are always cute!]. We look forward to the large attendance again both during the day and for the night-time activities. We thank Miss Bombardiere’, Foundation Transition Coordinator, for the timetable and advertising of Open Day at the local kindergartens.


The students in Grades 3 & 5 took part in the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) this week. NAPLAN consists of tests in the four domains of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. The students performed very well and were not bothered by sitting under test conditions over three days. Special thanks are extended to Mrs Ellenby [coordinator] and to Miss Rossi [Grade 3] and Mrs Selwyn [Grade 5] who supervised the program. The results will be forwarded to parents in Term 4.

Bye for now!

Graeme Renshaw