Mr Renshaw’s Blog

Mr Renshaw’s Blog

PACKAGE TO SOLDIERS IN AFGHANISTAN – During Anzac Day week, Jack M [2BD] sent a package of goods to the Australian troops stationed in Afghanistan. The package, which contained various treats such as Tim Tams, ‘Snakes Alive’ and Football Cards, was gratefully accepted by the Australian troops. It was a very kind gesture by Jack, who realized that the soldiers on active service are constantly missing ‘home’. He even included a photograph of his favourite football team – Port Melbourne in the VFL.



The Open Day and Night last Wednesday was a fantastic success and a wonderful TVPS occasion! There was an array of highlights to point out to our visitors, including the reading groups in classrooms, the Resilience Project, Specialist Gymnastics and Science Expo. The annual visit of Farmer Will and his domesticated animals was a delight once again [the guinea pigs, lambs and ducklings were cute!]. Thank-you to Mrs Matrakis for the organization of the farmyard exhibit and to Miss Bombardiere’ for the timetable and advertising of Open Day at the local kindergartens! The Open Night was well attended by both TVPS families and potential enrolees. The Year 2 students exhibited their 3D Playground designs in the Makerspace area, Year 1 took part in Literacy & Numeracy Games, Year 3 showed their OZOBOT robot program, Year 6 featured their Natural Disasters projects, Year 5 a Science Expo and Year 4 their 3D Printing & SPHERO Soccer. Miss McCormack conducted a concert in the Hall to a large crowd of appreciative onlookers! Foundation sang a Grandparent’s Song, Year 6 recited Monologues whilst Year 1 and Year 5 featured Percussion Instruments and Rhythm Clap respectively. Congratulations and thank-you to Miss McCormack for her organization and musical compositions. Miss Boal and Miss Bombardiere’ worked tirelessly hosting the visitors in the Foundation rooms, following initial promotion at kindergartens earlier in the year. Congratulations to Mrs Ellenby for her organization of the evening entertainment!



The Flying Start program for Foundation 2019 students will commence on Wednesday June 6th at 2pm.  The first session for the students will consist of STEM and Art activities. During the student’s work time, the parents will have a cuppa while chatting with the Principal and other parents about school readiness for next year.


A reminder to all families that Friday June 8th, 2018 is a Curriculum Day for TVPS. The teachers will be undertaking a professional development workshop, in conjunction with Donvale PS, on High Impact Teaching Strategies and Practice Principles.  We hope that all families enjoy the 4-day weekend [includes Queen’s Birthday holiday].


A letter was received at school last week from Manningham Council advising that certain parents have been ignoring using the pedestrian crossing in Airds Road when walking their their children to and from school.. They have instead been walking their children out onto the busy Corroboree Place & Airds Road T-intersection. We ask all parents to please use the pedestrian crossing and avoid potential accidents.

Bye for now!  

Graeme Renshaw