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Mr Renshaw’s Blog

ZONE CROSS COUNTRY – We congratulate the following TVPS cross country runners and their coach, Mr Eagleton, for representing the Manningham Schools Division at the North East Zone Cross Country Championship, held at Yarra Glen Racecourse last Tuesday. The following are the results that the students achieved;

Rachel W (5B) – 1st in 11 Years Girls

Mikael E-A (5S) – 25th in 11 Years Boys

Caitlin T (4C) – 43rd in 9/10 Years Girls

Evan S (5S) – 41st in 11 Years Boys

Livinia A (6B) – Automatic progression to State Final in 12/13 Years Girls



The Big Friends, Little Friends took part in the annual Teddy Bears Picnic last week. There was a wonderful array of bears on show! There was Mamma and Pappa Bear and the cubs – all shapes, sizes and colours! There were a number of competitions, such as the biggest, smallest, softest and most colourful teddy bear, which all added to the excitement of the day! Congratulations to the Foundation and Grade 6 students for bringing their bears along to school and for taking part in the parade. Special thanks to the teaching staff, in particular Miss Boal & Miss Bombardiere’, for organizing such an enjoyable occasion that was complete with decorated, teddy bear biscuits as a luncheon treat!


The students in Grades 3-6 took part in their Annual House Athletics Sports at Riescheck’s Reserve, Doncaster on Tuesday. Blessed with fine and sunny weather conditions, the sports were an outstanding success! The students completed [9] track and field events during the program and had their times and distances recorded. The results will be analysed this week and the best competitors will represent TVPS at the DDSSA Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to all the students who competed on the day and special thanks to the parent helpers, staff members and to Mr Eagleton, in particular, for his superb organization of the event!


We are very proud and appreciative of the wonderful abstract mural adorning the wall at the Level 2 designated eating area [DEA]. We asked Mrs Aliki Kapoor, our resident artist, if she would sign her magnificent piece of work this week [pictured below].



Thank-you to all the parents who attended the 3-way conference interviews this week. The interviews provided a wonderful conduit of information between home and school! In their 3-way conference model, the students outlined to their parents and classroom teacher – what they liked at school & in their classroom, who their friends are and their achievements in reading, writing and maths. As well, they commented on what they wished to improve on [Three Stars and a Wish]. Congratulations to all students in F-6 for their preparation in delivering their 3-way conferences!


At the 6 o’clock break between the 3-way conferences staff members were treated to a candlelight dinner on Tuesday, complete with soft music and a fireside glow image on laptop. Not only that but also homemade lemon slices and rumballs. Thank-you for the kind thought Miss McCormack and Mr Eagleton!


The Flying Start program for Foundation 2019 students concluded last Wednesday. The third and final session for the students consisted of Art [Mrs St Clair] and PMP [Mr Eagleton]. During the student’s work time, the parents had a cuppa while chatting with the Assistant Principal, Mrs Ellenby [student welfare] and the Principal [the importance of enjoyment and success at school]. Special thanks to all the teachers who taught the pre-schoolers and especially to Miss Bombardiere’ and Miss Boal for their superb organization of Flying Start.


It has been a delight to welcome former students Marissa K, Ashleigh M and Amber M, Class of 2014, back to their former school this week. The students, all in Year 10 at Doncaster SC, have been doing Work Experience. They have been busy working in classrooms as well as helping with the House Athletics Sports.


The number enrolments for Foundation 2019 at TVPS is steadily increasing. If there are any TVPS families who are yet to enrol their child for Foundation, could they please do so this week? The planning process for next year – the staffing for Foundation and the number of grades – can more easily be worked out – thank-you.


On behalf of the teaching staff, I wish all students and their families a very happy semester break. I hope that the holidays will be a time of refreshment, whether it is visiting friends, frolicking in the snow or basking in a warmer climate! A reminder that school finishes at 2:30pm on Friday. We look forward to seeing the students when they return on Monday July 16th, 2018.


Bye for now!


Graeme Renshaw