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Mr Renshaw’s Blog

LEVEL 3 CAMP – The Level 3 students and their teachers enjoyed [3] days at ‘The Island’ camp in Cowes, Phillip Island in Week 2. The students took part in a host of adventure activities including giant swing, flying fox, archery, trampoline and bike riding. During their stay the students visited the penguin parade – observing scores of penguins wading out of the water at nightfall up to their rookery and burrows!! One of the highlights of the camp was the student Disco on Thursday night, compered by Miss Pettolino and Miss McPherson. There were prizes for the most creative dancers and dressers on the dance floor. Miss Pettolino, the coordinator of the Level 3 camp to Cowes, worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone had an enjoyable time! Special thanks are extended to Miss Pettolino for her thorough organization of the camp and to the many staff members, integration aides and volunteer pre-service teachers who attended.


Congratulations are extended to the following students for their excellent results in the ICAS Science Competition. We especially congratulate Lucy C [3M], Brodie N [5S] and Archie T [5S] for their High Distinctions:


Year 3: Merit: Jana B; Lucas K Credit: Thomas W Distinction: Zara C; Bastien F; Andy R

High Distinction: Lucy C

Year 4: Credit: Pablo B; Siena F; Caitlin T; Ben T; Kevin Z Distinction: Jude C

Year 5: Merit: George K Credit: Ryan C; Xavier F; Joana G Distinction: Ruby T

High Distinction: Brodie N; Archie T

Year 6: Credit: Steve A; Tilly H; Nicholas P; Adam H


The school’s rock ’n roll band, named ‘Valley Rock’, performs publicly each Term. Their performance forms part of the concert for the parents of those students doing instrumental music. Directed by Creative Music’s, Jeremy Ng, ‘Valley Rock’ has been performing for [4] years, including concerts for Oxfam at the Box Hill Town Hall.



There was an air of excitement last week when an incubator, housing 12 eggs, was placed in 1G’s room. The moment finally arrived when the chickens began to hatch! The students were like expectant parents – so proud of their ‘new brood’ and keen to show them to other students. Many classes visited to inspect the chickens and were delighted with what they saw! Congratulations and thanks to Miss Georgakopoulos and the students in 1G for a wonderful achievement.



The Grade 5&6 students and staff members arrived home from their 5-day camp at Arrabri Lodge, Warburton East on Friday afternoon. Situated just 6km out of Warburton on the Woods Point Road, the camp is nestled in the foothills of the Yarra Ranges and is one of the best-resourced and maintained camps available. It was a wonderful experience with a raft of outdoor adventure activities including flying fox, bush cooking, gold panning, orienteering, a sensitivity walk, archery and a g-i-a-n-t swing! The weather was generally kind but even when it was wet, the indoor pursuits were just as much fun – games room and mini-Olympics! The night program was enjoyable with a disco, bush dance, night hike, marshmallow toasting and reptile show – the students handled the various lizards and pythons. When the buses finally left the camp on Friday morning, there was still more fun in store – the students boarded Puffing Billy and had lunch at Emerald Lake. The parents were kept informed of their children’s progress via the photo drop-box, thank-you to Mrs Fowler and Mrs Selwyn! It was a wonderful camp and all credit goes to the staff members in attendance and especially Mrs Selwyn who was tireless in ensuring that everyone – students and staff – had a great time!


TVPS has created a Clothes Recycling Hub located at the Airds Road entrance to the school. The Hub helps raise money for TVPS, reduces waste to landfill, creates jobs and supports communities in developing countries at the same time.  The school will receive 0.10c per kilo for the items that are collected for reuse and recycling!

Discarded household items such as clothes, shoes, linen, accessories or toys can be placed in the recycle bin! Please let your extended family, friends and neighbours know!

A special thank-you to Miss Georgakopoulos for initiating the Mondo Recycle program for TVPS and to Eva Wong (Kyuss 1M) for her assistance in getting it started!



The Parent Opinion Survey was emailed [through Compass] to randomly selected families at the end of last week. The survey can be accessed via desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile at any convenient time within the fieldwork period from Monday 23rd July to Sunday 26thAugust.

The message from DET states:

“The annual Parent Opinion survey is mandatory for schools to participate in; it is an important part of parent engagement and assists with future planning and improvement. The survey is confidential and designed to protect the identity of individual respondents”.

We appreciate the time and effort that families contribute to providing feedback to the teaching staff, School Council and other parents. Thanking you in anticipation!

Bye for now,

Graeme Renshaw