Mr Renshaw’s Blog

Mr Renshaw’s Blog

CYBERSAFETY NIGHT – The Level 3 & 4 students, parents and their teachers attended a Cybersafety Night on Wednesday in the Multi-purpose Hall. Kate Wilde, formerly of Manningham Youth Focussed Services, was the presenter. Kate has worked extensively at TVPS over many years discussing issues relating to social media. In particular, Kate outlined how the inappropriate use of the internet and social media can adversely affect the lives of students. There were some chilling accounts of the dangers that exist when people speak to strangers on-line. Kate explained how vulnerable students are when ‘Trolls’ pose as teenagers and lure them into conversations over the internet. She recommended that parents closely monitor their children’s use of the internet and encourage open and honest conversation. It was a very informative evening but also highly entertaining, with Kate relating many stories during her own upbringing and in educating her daughter through adolescence. Thanks Kate!


The Environmental Captains for Semester 2 received their badges at Monday morning assembly recently. We congratulate the students and thank them for taking on a role that includes – work in the Sustainability Garden, creating mulch from fruit & vegetable scraps, Nude Food Day, speaking at assembly and maintaining a clean school environment.


Grade Semester 1 Semester 2
FB Daphne M James B
FS Levi L Charlotte T
1G Bella A Eamon S
1J Tyler A – B  Katherine P
1M Eryan J Lachlan S
1S Alexander E Lola H
2BD Charlie R Aisha S
2N Ella C Elle G
2V Roxie N-S Samuel H
3M Lucas H Jodi G
3P Kian A Jaimee S
3R Erin C Liam C
4PS Mavis M Dimitri P
4V Jake B Alessia B
4C Daisy B Jude C
5B Christian B Katrina G
5S Harry W Luke W
6B Will R Charlee C
6F Monte H-F Sasha P
6L Annabel M  Savanna J



This week Miss Georgakopoulos took the Environmental Captains on an excursion to the VISY Recycling Centre in Heidelberg. It was a valuable experience for the students finding out how our valuable resources can be re-used.


Miss Georgakopoulos has done an outstanding job as the Sustainability Coordinator at TVPS over the past two years. She lovingly tends the vegetable plots, together with the Environmental Captains, during Wednesday lunch time each week. In addition, she has incubated the eggs and produced the chickens that will eventually be living in the coop in the Sustainability Area. Along with School Councillor, Mrs Eva Wong, Miss Georgakopoulos has introduced Mondo Recycling, which has already netted some revenue for our school. Thank-you Miss Georgakopoulos for your inspiring work!



There was plenty of excitement at assembly last Friday as the students dressed up as their favourite book character. It was all part of Book Week, organized by Student Leader Coordinator – Mrs Broome and supported by Mrs Fowler and Mr Cretney. There was a wonderful array of costumes including Willy Wonka, Spiderman, Snow White, Superman, Ninjah Turtle, Spekky Magee, Tinker Belle, The Wicked Witch, Little Red Riding Hood and Harry Potter! Miss McCormack looked stunning as Mary Poppins, complete with a beautiful white umbrella! It was an enjoyable morning with all students parading under the basketball court canopy in front of the delighted parent onlookers. A special thank-you is extended to Carly W [6L], Matt R [6F] and to School Captains, Amelie & James for announcing and arranging the signage. Congratulations to the students, parents and staff members for the preparation in arranging their costumes.



A special thank-you is extended to all families that have completed the Parent Opinion Survey. It officially closes this Sunday 26thAugust, 2018. The feedback provided from the survey will be taken into consideration by staff and School Council for future planning decisions.

Bye for now,


Graeme Renshaw