Responsibility Day

Responsibility Day

On 6 September, the Grade 6 students took over the school in spectacular fashion. They took on the roles of teaching grades, specialist classes and evenPrincipal and Vice Principal. Responsibility Day is a highlight of Grade 6 and this year was no exception!

Students started the day bright and early with a staff meeting where they discussed Yard Duty timetables, roles for the day and had an encouraging pep talk from the Principals and Vice Principals. The mini ‘bosses’ then went on to run an extremely efficient and enjoyable whole school assembly. ‘Sporty Principal’ Giancarlo R and ‘Business Principal’ Hamish C did a great job, ably assisted by Miller (Miss TV) and Maria (Miss K).

Our students did a fantastic job running lessons for the day and it was fantastic to see them working in teams to ensure the best possible day of education and fun for their students. Most agreed that the job of teacher is harder than it looks!

Well done, Grade 6!

Mrs Broome