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Production 2015

Student Insight – Olivia 6C

Beauty and the Beast Jr

Every second year we have a Production and this year is a Production year. Miss McCormack Coordinates the Production and teaches us the songs, the dances move and positions.

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Student Awards 27.04.15

Student Awards 27.04.15

Term 2, Week 2

Group Student name Award
FB Julian P Always having a very positive attitude towards his learning.
FM Lucas K Wonderful composing in his journal.
FC Alister HAV Always taking great pride with.
1J Tia A Outstanding achievements in all areas of the curriculums.
1S Daisy B Doing an outstanding job on her holiday recounts.
2M Katrina G Excellent excursion recount.
2B Luke M Wonderful behaviour on our excursion to Rippon Lea.
3M Isabella EAlexander DC Caring and supportive class member.Excellent work all week.
3B Nicholas N Working hard during class time.
4L Spencer K Producing an outstanding writing piece called “The Secret Garden”
4T Eliza T For being a hardworking student in all areas.
5G Seb C For being a hard worker and a responsible student.
5M Alexandra N A great persuasive poster.
5W Jason L Being a responsible class member.
6C Layla EGeorge D Excellent work on angles.Mr Responsible.
6T Mitchell B Being a very responsible student.
Reading Recovery

Typed by Jasmine 6C

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Student Awards 20.04.15

Term 2, Week 1

Group Student name Award
FB Angelina K Making an excellent start to term 2.
FM Joshua A Trying hard with Rio writing.
FC Zara N Excellent number skills.
1S Charlotte S Being an excellent classroom helper.
1M Lielle GS For being a wonderful listener and hard worker.
2M Chloe K Excellent start to term 2.
2B Liana RB For a fantastic start to term 2.
3M Isabella E

Alexander DC

Caring and supportive class member.

Excellent work all week.

3B Mia K Positive start to term 2.
4B Sophie C For always trying her best in the classroom.
4L Emerald S For writing a captivating start to narrative.
4T Tara M for being a fantastic classroom helper.
5G Jake T For always working hard on all class tasks.
5W Paige A

Kyra N

Doing her best at all times and never giving up.

Being a respectful class member at all times.

6C Jasmine T Magic effort in work completion.
6B Wajeeha S

Aaron T

For always having a positive attitude.

For a very good narrative story and illustration.

6T Stephanie P An outstanding effort in all areas.
Reading Recovery

Typed by Jasmine 6C

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ANZAC Day – Grade 6

ANZAC Day – Grade 6

Many soldiers put their lives on the line for us, for our freedom. It is a shame that most of the soldiers didn’t get to come back to see what they have done for us. They fought, they saved and they helped. They helped Australia form in the way it has.

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