Student Awards 27.04.15

Student Awards 27.04.15

Term 2, Week 2

Group Student name Award
FB Julian P Always having a very positive attitude towards his learning.
FM Lucas K Wonderful composing in his journal.
FC Alister HAV Always taking great pride with.
1J Tia A Outstanding achievements in all areas of the curriculums.
1S Daisy B Doing an outstanding job on her holiday recounts.
2M Katrina G Excellent excursion recount.
2B Luke M Wonderful behaviour on our excursion to Rippon Lea.
3M Isabella EAlexander DC Caring and supportive class member.Excellent work all week.
3B Nicholas N Working hard during class time.
4L Spencer K Producing an outstanding writing piece called “The Secret Garden”
4T Eliza T For being a hardworking student in all areas.
5G Seb C For being a hard worker and a responsible student.
5M Alexandra N A great persuasive poster.
5W Jason L Being a responsible class member.
6C Layla EGeorge D Excellent work on angles.Mr Responsible.
6T Mitchell B Being a very responsible student.
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Student Awards 20.04.15

Term 2, Week 1

Group Student name Award
FB Angelina K Making an excellent start to term 2.
FM Joshua A Trying hard with Rio writing.
FC Zara N Excellent number skills.
1S Charlotte S Being an excellent classroom helper.
1M Lielle GS For being a wonderful listener and hard worker.
2M Chloe K Excellent start to term 2.
2B Liana RB For a fantastic start to term 2.
3M Isabella E

Alexander DC

Caring and supportive class member.

Excellent work all week.

3B Mia K Positive start to term 2.
4B Sophie C For always trying her best in the classroom.
4L Emerald S For writing a captivating start to narrative.
4T Tara M for being a fantastic classroom helper.
5G Jake T For always working hard on all class tasks.
5W Paige A

Kyra N

Doing her best at all times and never giving up.

Being a respectful class member at all times.

6C Jasmine T Magic effort in work completion.
6B Wajeeha S

Aaron T

For always having a positive attitude.

For a very good narrative story and illustration.

6T Stephanie P An outstanding effort in all areas.
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Typed by Jasmine 6C

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