Level 1
 Our focus for mathematics is Division. The children worked in pairs to create a wonderful division poster showing their knowledge of this process e.g.sharing into equal groups and remainders. Mrs.M.
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In Term 3 we are introducing the Foundation students to ‘Share Time’. This is an opportunity for the students to use and develop their speaking and listening skills. Each week there is a different theme that links to our ‘Living Things’ Science Inquiry Unit. This week the students were asked to speak about something from...
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This week in Foundation we are learning about graphing information and generating yes/no questions about the data. We first brainstormed the most popular ice-cream flavours and then each student coloured in their own ice-cream template representing their favourite flavour. We then graphed our results. Based on the pictograph, we learnt that Mango had the least...
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We have had a fun few weeks in Grade 2 participating in rotational STEM activities, STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Each week the Grade 2 students have enjoyed experimenting and learning something new about each topic. The engineering challenged involved marshmallows and spaghetti noodles, called ‘The Marshmallow Structure’! The goal of the...
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On Wednesday the 15th of May, the Foundation students were lucky enough to have a visit from the Police. Constable Vanessa and Brad taught us about different types of Police vehicles and equipment. We even got to have a look inside a Police car and listen to the loud siren. It was such a fabulous...
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The Foundation students thoroughly enjoyed the Super Seed Sprouters Incursion. Students were able to get hands-on with seeds of all shapes and sizes. Students discussed where seeds come from, and what they need to grow. The incursion was delivered through storytelling, seed sorting, and a bit of dramatic re-enactment thrown in for good measure! The Foundation students are...
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To celebrate the beginning of our Mini Beast unit we invited all the Year 1 students to bring an Insect themed lunch to eat together. The classes were buzzing like bees with excitement. We loved seeing all the wonderful creations! Kira Georgakopoulos
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On Friday 6th September, T.V.P.S. held the annual ‘Footy Parade’ where all students and staff dressed up in their footy gear. We were privileged to view a performance of the song ‘More Than a Game,’ by parent and singer/song writer Chris Doheny, accompanied by our very own Mr. Renshaw. Emilia Selwyn
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WELCOME BACK – A warm welcome back to school to all TVPS families! It promises to be a busy Term 3 with Level 3 Camp to Phillip Island, Mrs Wishy-Washy Day, Foundation Excursion to Chesterfield Farm, Level 4 Camp to Warburton East, Numeracy and Literacy Week, Parents Trivia Night, District Athletics and Swimming. A number of...
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On Monday the 18th June, the Foundation students and their Year 6 Big Friends had their very exciting ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’. The day began with students bringing in their favourite teddy bear and introducing it to the class. Students then got to decorate 3 teddy bear biscuits. Surfer Bear with sprinkles Polar Bear with coconut...
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