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Students in Grade 5 are learning how the place value system extends beyond tenths and hundredths. Students are demonstrating their learning by engaging in a variety of hands on activities such as ‘The Price is Right’, ‘What Number is it?’ and ordering decimals on a number line. It is delightful to experience such enthusiasm and...
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Grade 6 students have enjoyed getting to know each other, their teachers and learning environments as the Term continues into its fourth week. Students have been enthusiastically engaging in fun activities to explore their world and broaden creative and critical thinking skills.      
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Students in Grade 6 are focusing on Well Being.  Activities include mindfulness, working on their character strengths, gratitude and The Resilience Project. This week students have participated in Smiling Mind and Go Noodle activities during their Brain Breaks.  
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On Thursday 12th December students in Year 6 celebrated their Community One Church in Blackburn.  It was a fabulous evening where the students showcased their folios, grad bears and journey posters.  Both classes performed a dance.  Everyone had a great time and shared happy memories about their time at TVPS. Mrs Hillman
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This week the Year 5 and 6 students are taking part in Sweet Valley High. Block C is set up as a high school and the students are placed in mixed grades. Each teacher is responsible for teaching a subject area and the students are required to move from classroom to classroom to attend each...
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This week at Assembly, Ms. Rees presented our School Captains with some very special badges to represent our 50th Birthday at T.V.P.S. Later in the day all T.V.P.S. students and teachers received their very own badge to remember this special 50th year! Emilia Selwyn
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 Students in Grade 6 are celebrating The Inquiry unit for this term 4 “Healthy Me”. Students worked together and planned Mindfulness activities to share with the class.  These included Smiling Mind, Go Noodle, Yoga, Mediatation and Mindful Colouring. Mrs Hillman
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During the previous two weeks, the Year 5 students were given the opportunity to run our Monday morning Assembly. The students enthusiastically took on the roles of our Year 6 students and presented two fantastic assemblies! Jenny Vasiliadis
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 For the next two weeks, students are taking part in an intensive 10 day swimming program at Eltham Leisure Centre. Students are enjoying their time in the pool, refining their swimming strokes and learning about water safety.  Jenni Bevacqua  
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 The Year 5 students have been busy preparing for the Year 5 Lolly Stall at the 50th Birthday Carnival on Saturday 26th October 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. Come and visit our stall and buy some delicious treats! Emilia Selwyn
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