On behalf of the Templestowe Valley Staff and School Council members, it is my pleasure to extend to all parents and children a warm welcome to 2019. I hope that you and your children make the most of the fantastic opportunities that are available at TVPS. In talking to teachers and students this week, I have shared how impressed I am to be leading a school that celebrates a diversity of student achievements: academic, sporting, artistic or community based. However, it is how they utilise their talents and strive to improve themselves and others that is a true reflection of a great education. Let us celebrate not only the children’s achievements, but also their efforts throughout the year.

The year has begun very smoothly with a great sense of energy evident throughout the school. Our little Foundation students and their beaming smiles are lighting up the school! Our staff members have been delighted by the manner in which the children have quickly settled into their stride and become comfortable in their new classroom settings. The buzz of excitement and the opportunity to renew friendships and meet new class friends has echoed around the school. There is always a special bond that is developed between teacher and student and often this will be remembered years later as the student recalls the words and deeds of a teacher that has had a long and lasting impact on him or her. In this way teachers hold a very privileged position, one that comes with great responsibility. Our staff members, both teaching and non-teaching, are aware of this and commit themselves to providing the best education for all the students in their care.
The social and emotional domains are so important and remain the highest priority at Templestowe Valley. There is no worthier goal than wanting the children to be happy at school and have a real sense of pride and belonging in being a student at this great school. This focus, along with community, relationships, team building and excellence through the achievement of personal bests, will be threads that will again bind us together throughout 2019.
This year I would like us to genuinely explore the concept of unity and how we develop a real sense of this within the Templestowe Valley Primary School community. Our vision and values statements provide us with the keystones that unite us and I encourage all members of our community to reflect on these important statements.

Our Vision
Templestowe Valley Primary School strives to provide an innovative and engaging learning experience, which promotes individual excellence and develops social responsibility. We aim to instil a lifelong love of learning through meaningful and challenging activities, within a safe and caring environment. TVPS endeavours to deliver best practice teaching methods, empowering student learning through programs that encourage our students to become self-motivated, successful and active global citizens.
Our Values
Templestowe Valley’s philosophy reflects the values of Honesty, Acceptance, Responsibility and Respect. Our shared values and common language set out expectations for all stakeholders in our school community.
And remember that our school motto is: Aim High.

I look forward to catching up with you all over the next few weeks. There are a number of opportunities for you to attend school functions and in particular I would like to highlight the upcoming Family BBQ, (I’m not yet familiar with its official name), that has been planned by our TVPS Parents & Friends for the evening of Tuesday February 19th. I encourage all families to come along and meet with the other Templestowe Valley families. More information about this event will be coming out soon on Compass. I would encourage you to value each year with your children. Please support them by participating in the school’s activities, by coming along to school events and by being an active member of the TVPS Parents & Friends team. You are an integral part of this community and it will be stronger if more people are directly involved in the school. Remember – “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”
I hope that our new families who have joined our school community will quickly feel a sense of belonging and share a readiness to participate in the many opportunities that the school has to offer. The year promises to be a special one with students eager to get started and staff full of enthusiasm for all that lies ahead. I look forward to seeing you at our first assembly which will be held tomorrow – Monday February 4th at 9:00am in the undercover area at the front of the school. Next Friday a full edition of the newsletter with upcoming events and calendar dates will be distributed and this will be a fortnightly publication.
Please don’t hesitate to contact either your child’s classroom teacher or me if you have celebrations, concerns or questions regarding your child’s learning. Email is always the best form of contact with mine listed below, and teachers’ to be shared through their year level newsletters.
We will be discussing the concept of unity with the children and look forward to another amazing, rewarding and productive year.

Warm regards,
Alison Rees