How long have we been here??

Once again it has been a busy few weeks at TVPS. The students and staff are organizing themselves for the upcoming 50th birthday and carnival.

The Year 2 students have been looking into the history of the school during their ‘Inquiry’ lessons, in relation to then land, buildings, staff and traditions.

Some Mums from Year 2 came into the classrooms last week and spoke about when they were students at Templestowe Valley Primary School. It was great to see the difference in uniforms and education. They brought in Yearbooks with photos and their old school uniform (yellow and brown).

The Year 2 students completed oral presentations about their ‘family history’ and they were very engaging. Lots of posters with photos and powerpoint presentations were received. Many of the posters are displayed in Block A for students, parents and visitors to look at.

The students are all very proud to call TVPS ‘ their’ school.

Carly Bertelli