Year 2 Excursion

On Friday 29th November the Year 2 students boarded a bus and headed to Healesville Sanctuary. The sun was shining and the animals were out and about ready for visitors. The students had a wonderful time exploring the park and getting to see many Australian animals up close in their habitats. The students enjoyed meeting a female platypus called Yarmi and watching her swim around catching her lunch (little black worms). Next we all got to watch the wonderful bird show ‘Spirits of the Sky’, what a fantastic experience that was. Some of the birds flew so close to our heads we could feel their feathers brush over our faces. The birds ranged from a Pink Galah to the mighty Wedge-tail Eagle. We learnt about what they eat, where they would live in the wild and their strengths and skills for survival. Both the students and the teachers had a great day learning about the native animals of Australia.

Alicia Drew