Sustainability at TVPS

At Templestowe Valley Primary School, our community is made up of energetic staff, students, parents and friends who have demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental education, sustainable living practices and empowering students to become future leaders.

We teach sustainability through classroom programs, daily practice and special events. Our integrated curriculum explores Biodiversity, Water, Energy & Waste across the year levels.

Parents, grandparents and extended family support the sustainability program in many ways at TVPS. We have parent assisted gardening, cooking and maintenance groups

Weekly lunchtime Gardening club with our teachers and parent volunteers allows the students to assist in the growth of our Sustainability area and the plants, fruit and vegetables we grow to share with our community.

Our Environment

Our school grounds are a valuable teaching and learning resource.

The Sustainability Area includes with fruit and olive orchard, working raised garden beds, a pond & a chook house. In 2018, we are looking forward to adding our chickens to the school community.

The Asian Garden forms a strong connection to our LOTE program.

And around the school you will find rain water tanks and native plants, with lorikeets and cockatoos frequenting them.

Environmental Captains

We have Foundation to Grade 6 environmental captains who monitor, initiate and promote sustainable practices. 

Within this leadership role the students guide and support their classes in our weekly Nude Food day, liaise with our Sustainability Coordinator to assist and oversee our Sustainability area and make plans to action and improve our school environment.

Nude Food

What is Nude food you ask? It is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best type of nude food consists mainly of fresh food, so that it is healthy and nutritious PLUS environmentally friendly.

On Tuesdays at TVPS we are completely Nude food, so that means we avoid foil, glad wrap and of course zip lock bags. The class with the least wrappers each week is announced at assembly and wins the golden lunchbox with special prizes to be won!

Garden to Plate

Using some of the produce from our Sustainability area and Asian Garden students are able to create their favourite healthy and nutritious recipes in our new Kitchen area.