Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at Templestowe Valley Primary School provides students with a creative, engaging and encouraging environment where they learn, perform and develop skills in all aspects of performance.

Students undertake weekly one-hour specialist classes where the focus is on developing their skills and understanding in the three main elements of Performing Arts – Music, Dance and Drama.  In these lessons, students are encouraged to take risks by trying new things.

In Drama, students are exposed to a range of dramatic styles to develop their performance skills including improvisation, mime, character work, puppetry, masks, role plays and script work.  They use their imaginations to create original and scripted performances, as well as learning about stagecraft and design.

In Music, students learn about music theory and appreciation.  Beginning in our Foundation year the skills of beat, pitch and rhythm are introduced, and these skills are continued through to our upper years where their knowledge is extended into the notes, more complex rhythmic patterns, as well as music history and appreciation.  The students have multiple opportunities to play our musical percussion instruments to offer them a practical understanding of the skills they learn.

In Dance, the students have the opportunity to explore and learn a variety of dance styles including Hip-Hop, Tap, Jazz, Rock ‘n’ Roll and Contemporary.  They will develop their co-ordination through learning these different styles and have the opportunity to choreograph their own dance performances.

Through all aspects of the Performing Arts, students are encouraged to perform as often as possible, whether it is in front of the class or a larger audience.  This gives the students an opportunity to build their confidence and performance skill.

In our TVPS Performing Arts lessons, we strive to promote a love of performance through fun and engaging sessions! 


Our Valley Glee Club offers students from Grades 3-6 an opportunity to be part of a choir.  The Glee Club rehearses weekly and has opportunities to perform at school events as well as throughout the community.

Our TVPS Rock Band brings together those students who learn a musical instrument.  They rehearse one lunch time each week and have the opportunity to perform at a variety of school and wider community events.

Private music lessons are offered at TVPS through our Instrumental Music Program.  Instruments offered include drums, keyboard, violin, guitar and singing.