Physical Education

Physical Education

All students have 1 hour lesson of Physical Education per week. Students in Foundation – Year 2 focus on PMP and developing their Fundamental Motor Skills (run, jump, hop, skip, leap, one and two-handed strike) in fun and engaging games. Students in Years 3-6 learn Sport Specific Skills; tactics, umpiring and rules of most sports. All students participate in a 5 week Gymnastics Program delivered by BTYC Gymnastics in our school hall. Students use a variety of equipment, including parallel bars, single bar, beams, mini tramp, wedge mats and large crash mat for safe landing.

PE and Sport

At TVPS, students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to compete in Swim Trials, Cross Country, Athletics Day and Hooptime Basketball. Students compete in the Doncaster District and progress through Division, Regional, State and even Pacific Championships.

All students in Years 5-6 compete in the Doncaster District Summer and Winter Sports. Students train with their team every Thursday and compete in 4 round-robin competition days in total. Students choose a sport from the following list:

Summer Sport

Ø  Cricket

Ø  Basketball

Ø  Softball

Ø  Hotshots Tennis

Ø  Rounders

Winter Sports

Ø  Netball


Ø  Soccer

Ø  Tee Ball

Ø  Volleyball

The Sport Program for Years 5-6 also provides opportunities for competitive Tennis (Term 1), Girls AFL (Term 2), T20 Cricket (Term 4). In Term 4, students participate in SEPEP (Sport Education for Physical Education Program). SEPEP is a student led sports competition whereby all students have a role in the competition. The roles include, umpire, coach, captain, first aid officer, sports board, tribunal officer, publicity officer, equipment manager and all students are players in their team. The competition usually consists of 8 weeks of competition and 2 weeks of finals.