School Leaders’ Welcome

Welcome from the TVPS School Leaders

Hello, we are the Templestowe Valley P.S 2020 School Leaders – Mavis and Benjamin!  Welcome to our TVPS community. When you exit this web page we are sure you will have a smile on your face. These are some of the attributes that our school shows.

We strive to show our four values with pride at Templestowe Valley. They are: Honesty, Acceptance, Responsibility and Respect.

How do our students show these values you may ask?

Well, it’s because of our wonderful teachers. They help us learn in the best possible way.

Students at TVPS highly enjoy taking part in the specialist subjects. We have Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Mandarin and PE each week.  In Visual Arts we express our emotions through our art work.  Performing Arts is a great way to build up our confidence in a fun way!  At our school we have a Mandarin class each week. How fun is it to learn another language?!  In Physical Education we learn various sports so we can stay fit! We also take part in gymnastics and swimming as part of this programme.

At TVPS students can participate in lots of “inner” school activities – these includes: sport events, environmental events, music programmes and many more. (Our TVPS School Prospectus has more details about this for you.)

We believe that our school offers a fine education to all students in our community.  The teachers of our school push us – in a nice way – to be our very best.  They encourage us to step out of our comfort zones, take risks, and be open-minded – in the best way possible.

TVPS has a very clean environment. Every Tuesday we have a ‘Nude Food Day,’ which means that you can’t bring in anything that could affect our environment.  E.g. Zip lock bags, plastic bags, glad wrap etc. In every class we have compost bins that we fill up with food scrap.  Our Sustainability Class Captains take the bin to the Sustainability Garden each week and put it in the compost.

Be sure to come to Templestowe Valley P.S on our next Open Day.  It’s on March 21st, 2020 between 9:00 and 11:00am. We are sure one of our lovely Student Leaders, and/or teachers, will give you a tour of our school’s facilities, and maybe, they might just introduce you to our egg-laying friends!

Yours sincerely,


Benjamin and Mavis

The TVPS 2020 School Leaders