About this New Site

Our new website is the result of six months of planning, programming, design and photographic work, but more importantly, the result of 7 years of watching closely and evaluating the needs of our school community.
TVPS has, among other virtues, a special bond between families, students and staff.  A camaraderie that it is its signature, noticeable as soon as you walk in.
The new site was planned as the focal point for our students’ efforts and learning progress, a place to show off their work proudly and prominently.
Through the use of modern technologies, we hope to showcase the student ingenuity, curiosity and dedication. We will use Video Channels, Audio Podcasts, Blogging and Comment Forms, Photography and Document Management.
These are just a few tools at our disposal now, but this site is designed to grow, it is compatible with all major browsers and uses Web Standards as much as possible.
This site will be monitored daily and your questions and comments will be answered promptly.
Please be patient with the many “coming soon” messages, it is necessary to present the site skeleton like a container for our staff to begin filling and owning the many areas, so very shortly all these areas will be filled with fresh content.
Many areas of this site will be updated by students from “The Geekery” we hope to produce at least one news article every week, stay tuned!

Please use the comment box below to leave comments about this project, suggestions and constructive criticism are always welcome.