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Sustainability program at TVPS


Our Sustainability Area



Sustainability at our school

At T.V.P.S we have a Sustainability Area that is very helpful to our students. Mrs Selwyn is our Sustainability Coordinator. We have Environmental Leaders and class captains that help make our school environment clean, neat and healthy. We also have water tanks that hold 100% rain water. We also save water by having ice-cream tubs under the drinking taps, which we use later to water our plants. We have the litter agreement and we also have nude food days every Tuesday which means that we bring no wrappers. Less wrappers means less pollution.


Australia produces about 500 million tonnes of carbon pollution every year, making it one of the top polluters in the world.

A carbon price changes this. Instead of being able to pollute for free, big polluters need to pay a fee for every ton of carbon pollution they do. This will have two impacts.

  • 1. it will drive businesses to find new ways to reduce pollution.
  • 2. it will make some goods and services which are produced with lots of energy more expensive.

To find out more about sustainability in our world visit this site…..


This article was written by Maddison, Joanna  and Mirlinda