Student Leadership

At Templestowe Valley Primary School we have four houses – Birchwood (yellow) Cavendish (red), Newbury (green) and Thompson (blue). Every student at T.V.P.S is allocated to a House.

The Patron for Birchwood is Mrs Trish Renfree (ex TVPS teacher). The Birchwood  House Captains are Katie C and Jordan B.

Mrs Heather Allen (ex T VPS teacher) is the Patron for Cavendish. The Cavendish  House Captains are Mia F and Anthony P.

Mr Brian Jackson (ex TVPS Principal) is the Patron for Thompson The Thompson  House Captains are Tonia L and Samir H.

Mrs Sherie Matrakis (Mrs M) (current TVPS teacher) is the Patron for Newbury.  The Newbury House Captains are Amber M and Mark H.

The School Captains for 2014 are  Natalie Z and Andrew A.